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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Here’s the thing, Chartwell spends a lot of time reviewing people’s credit. Be it through our open market home loan business or the advisory work that we do for employer groups, developers and financial institutions. What we see time and time again is an affordability gap, and yes, this gap is exists because of low incomes, but often that gap is created because of exposure to short term debt. Granted not all short term debt is bad, but imagine turning that bad short term debt into the kind of debt that buys a person a home.  

Chartwell has been helping people step into home ownership for over ten years now. Working across South Africa as well as the rest of the continent. No country, situation, town or suburb is the same, and no person that applies for credit is the same.

We have launched our website, and through this blog series we are going to share with you our experiences, lessons learnt and interesting analysis from different projects. We look forward to engaging and working with you in the future.

Kind regards

Louise Thompson

Chartwell Housing Finance Solution

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